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Not a sick fish by insect and mite problem

Postby jerrytheplater » Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:49 pm

I looked into the jars containing my emersed growing Cryptocoryne plants today and saw a white fuzzy growth on the surface of the water in the jars containing my plants. To be honest, I've noticed it off and on for a few years and just ignored it. I suspected it was some type of critter, and even saw some very fast moving creepy crawlers in the past. So, I have be careless in not looking closer before today. I took a sample of the water and white floaters and looked at it under the microscope at 25X. I found some 8 legged mites crawling under the water. They were brownish tan in color and clung onto pieces of substrate: sphagnum moss and other detritus. The creepy crawly I saw by catching it on sticky tape. It appeared to have wings and a very elongated body. It had what looked like a fused abdomen and thorax. I was not able to count the legs, so I am assuming it is an insect.

I mixed up a fish lice killing product that I added a very small drop of glassware cleaner-an industrial detergent. I have the mites in the 6 times strength solution in a beaker. After 4 hours they looked perfectly healthy >:D >:D I'll see tomorrow what they looked like.

Now, in my office I have two aquariums. One of which is a 40 breeder containing juvenile Telmatochromis temporalis Shell. This tank has from time to time gotten a white filmy granular coating on the surface. I've manually removed it over the years. Now after the mites in the other jars I decided to have a look. Low and behold but if I don't see a small insect walking on the surface of the film periodically looking like it is laying eggs. It pierced the water surface with its tail end and squatted down. I was not sure if I was seeing something in the area after it left. But these things jump like a flea when I brought the probe near them to touch them. They are about 1/4 the size of Fruit Flies. In the film there appeared to be yellowish clear eggs that were single and not in clusters. I didn't try any chemicals on them except for a wetter (Rosin flux dissolved in alcohol) The flux formed a film on the surface that hardened into something like plastic. I assume the alcohol dissolved into the water and left the rosin to form the film on the surface. I plan on adding some Platys to this tank tomorrow in hopes they will eat these insects. I will take a video of the violent surface agitation due to the spray bar and how this white film stays intact and the insects stay up there. Can't use any chemicals here.

I don't have any photo's because the mother board on the computer used to drive the digital camera on the microscope died. I should be getting a replacement tomorrow and hopefully I'll be back to be able to use the camera soon. I do want to document this to get a good ID.

Anyone hear of anything like this before?
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